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The Mangar Camel Lift Inflatable Patient Lifter

mangar camel lift inflatable patient lifter

The Mangar Camel Lift Inflatable Patient Lifter

How would you like to feel the inside of a luxury hotel, bed and breakfast room and at the same time, be able to lift the patient lifting the obese in your hospital? In this article, we will show you a mangar camel lift inflatable patient lifter. With its many different attachments it can handle any patients in your hospital, be it elderly or toddlers. In addition, the Mangasatz Deluxe Lift is not just a medical lift, but it can also be used for military operations, or any hospital operations.

It is named after its very name of Mangar Camel, which signifies its ability to lift and carry anything, from heavy loads to small patients. Not only this, its adjustable arm bar suspension system can also be utilized for heavier or smaller patients, as well as the ability to be detached from the unit and reused by the patient.

Inflatables in medical inflatable patients are highly recommended because of the good option of transporting patients between departments. There are many reasons for this; one of them is that in an inpatient care hospital, the weight distribution between patients is highly biased. In other words, the doctors, nurses and all the patients living in the same location, will have a high load.

The doctor, who is responsible for the patient, usually has a body mass index over 35 and is a smoker. The weight of a patient who is obese (having a body mass index over 30) is considerably higher than that of a patient who is overweight (having a body mass index under 20).

So, when these inpatients require specialized care, the only options left are to transport them in ambulances, or in a mangar camel lift inflatable patient lifter. However, with a regular lift, transporting these patients in these vehicles is very expensive.

Even though inpatients are needed in special needs, they need to be transported in ambulances because of the limited space that is available in an ambulance. Even though medical equipment, inflatable lift and stretchers are needed, there is a possibility that an additional patient will need to be added to the vehicle, and the existing body weight of the patient in the vehicle will also make it more difficult to transport them.

Now, the mangar camel lift inflatable patient lifter comes to rescue again, making both inpatient and outpatient patients easily transported in an ambulance. However, the medical equipment that has been fitted into this lift are also very useful for outpatients.

It is fitted with two stretchers with a lightweight aluminum body and a metal storage basket. These stretchers can be adjusted in order to lift heavy patients, and the foldable-wing spares, which are designed to be used on an inflatable, can be stored under the seats.

This medical equipment can also be used for transporting patients that are in cardiac arrests. The lightweight aluminum stretcher can also be used in any other setting in order to keep the patient comfortable while being transported.

Unlike some other inflatables, the Mangar Camel lift inflatable patient lifter is very easy to use. A person can walk around inside the lift without his legs dangling, even though the entire lift can reach up to 16 feet long. Also, the lift is safe and easy to control even with people inside it.

This mangar camel lift inflatable patient lifter can also be used for transporting patients in and out of any type of medical inflatable patients. In addition, the inflatable has been proven to be a great way to transport patients while protecting the spine and preventing trauma.