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Inflatable Lifting Devices

Most companies that make inflatable lifting devices like to boast of their product’s ability to lift a load, but few can match the loft of the EcoPack XL. Designed to cater to the needs of industries, the size of the machine means it can lift loads of up to 80 kilos.

inflatable lifting device

The machine is made from green materials and contains carbon or polyethylene and polypropylene, which together have the energy requirements of around 100 watts per kilogram. EcoPack XL does not have a petrol engine, so there is no need for the addition of any toxic materials to the air. Any fuels used are also completely renewable.

The EcoPack XL has a cylinder housing, mounted to a base. It has three wheels on each side, allowing it to be moved about, and it comes with a seat and bracket to support it.

inflatable lifting device reviews

Inflatable lifting devices can be varied in size and capacity to suit almost any range of industries. They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including the familiar compact cube.

With regards to commercial and industrial purposes, there are specialized models suited to factories, warehouses and processing plants. All of these different sized devices use the same basic principle of the air inflated container, that is, the bubble contains water and the pressure of the inflated bubble pushes air against the water to create lift.

The most common brands are built with certain inflatable types. A standard inflatable lifting device is suitable for areas where lifting is not a primary function, and where space is limited. A multi-cylinder machine, on the other hand, is usually used for areas where lifting is a primary function, such as in warehouses.

If industrial usage is your main concern, then it is essential to select the machine according to its purpose. It should be built with large cylinders that can withstand the high speed and deep penetration required for different industries.

Air technology is a very viable way of creating a good supply of lift, with the use of compressed air. High pressure air tanks are designed to hold air at the right pressure, which can allow the cylinder to expand. The inflatable lifting device has a maximum height which allows the cylinders to reach their highest point and the pressure should be kept low enough to ensure the cylinder remains buoyant.

There are two main types of inflatable devices. The basic pump works by using an inclined column, whereby air and a liquid are pumped from the top down to a lower platform and on up to the upper platform, all the while the pressure is being maintained.

This pump is commonly used in factories where it is needed to have enough flexibility to adjust the height of the column. They have to be set to a fixed height, making them unsuitable for locations where they must be regularly operated, such as warehouses.

The second type of pump is for industrial purposes and is used in warehouses where a ball pump is installed. This lifting device uses air instead of air to pump air into the cylinder.