Inflatable Bathtub Chair

If you are looking for an inflatable bathtub chair, you are probably tired of the standard chair that is simply too small for a kid to fit in. This is because there is no such thing as a kid’s chair that is size appropriate for any age.

inflatable bathtub chair

A simple inflatable bathtub chair does not need to be oversized, but it may look a little out of place if you have a lot of small kids in your house. And since a tub is one of the most important toys a child will ever have, having an inappropriate bathtub chair just does not seem very nice.

Since so many babies and small children are born with wide, soft bellies, it is all but impossible to find a standard bathtub that will fit them. Even more difficult is to find a bathtub that will fit in the crib or a chair that will fit a baby or toddler that is even two or three years old. This is the reason inflatable bathtub chairs have become the norm.

The first problem with the inflatable bathtub chair is that it is usually too small for your child. Even a standard sized bathtub would not fit two to three-year-olds.

inflatable bathtub chairs

Bathtub liners come in sizes from XS up to XXL. Each size of a bathtub liner has a special measurement of a triangle to figure out how many feet of a bathtub the liner must fit.

Most floor model liners are only a few inches taller than the bathtub’s sides. That is the only size of a bathtub chair that will actually work with a smaller bathtub, so this is probably the best choice for most families.

An inflatable bathtub chair is an efficient way to save space for atub that is too small. It can also help make bathroom trips unnecessary when the child is going to the bathroom. A tub that is too small can literally be frustrating when your child gets home and has to get out the bathtub.

Inflatable bathtub chairs can also help accommodate bigger children, and baby’s bathtub. It is a good idea to measure for a child that is six months old or younger, since infants are a little harder to size properly. Once the child reaches at least four and a half years old, this should be relatively easy.

An inflatable bathtub chair is a great gift for a baby shower, baby shower favors, or a way to give your child a tub that is much better suited to them. They are also a great solution for a “no shower” bathroom in a shared house.

When deciding on an inflatable bathtub chair, there are some things to consider. Be sure the chair fits your bathtub, because the higher the chair, the less likely it will fit. Also, you want the chair to be lightweight, and a good one can cost thousands of dollars.

The first step in getting your tub set up is to measure your tub. Be sure to measure the height, depth, and width. You may have to call in an experienced plumbing contractor to help you get the right size.