Helping An Elderly Person Out Of A Bath Tub

Helping an elderly person out of a bath tub is sometimes challenging, but with the right knowledge and attitude you can make this task easier. It is so important that you do not rush them out of the tub when they are in distress, as they may be having difficulty breathing, dizziness or pain.

Helping An Elderly Person Out Of A Bath

One of the best things you can do for a person in a bath tub is to remove their shoes. If you have any concerns about where they are going to put their shoes, take them to a washroom first. Having them use a bedside, rather than the bathroom, will also help to prevent them from slipping and falling.

If you know that the elderly person has Alzheimer’s disease or a similar condition, it is a good idea to take them somewhere that is quiet. In this situation it is often better to let them go if they cannot answer questions satisfactorily. When helping an elderly person out of a bath, the person may find it hard to remember what you said, but you need to remember that they are unable to communicate their feelings in any meaningful way.

There is no excuse for anybody not to take care of their elders, and it is time that you started. As a parent, it is your job to look after your child, so you should be able to care for your elderly family member.

It can be very difficult to love somebody who is so ill and bedridden. We often find ourselves doing things we would not normally do for ourselves. In the same way, we need to care for our elderly relatives who have taken on extra responsibilities.

If you know that your elderly person has been unhappy during bath time for a while, it is quite possible that they have been allowed into the bath too much. They may have lost a lot of weight because of the discomfort caused by the bath, so they could be dehydrated. So if they are likely to be at risk, never put them in the bath for a long period of time and always be very gentle when helping an elderly person out of a bath.

Helping An Elderly Person Out Of A Bath

When you first try to assist an old person out of a bath tub, the first thing you should do is to make sure they have all their belongings close by. Take their coat, their water bottle, towel, slippers, hat and any other clothes they may have. You do not want to leave them with nothing to wear and put them in the shower or bath. After the bath is complete, it is a good idea to have them dry themselves off completely.

This will help to open up the pores in their skin so that any fluid that was trapped behind their nose, eyes and mouth will be released. Their sweat will also help to get the excess fluid out. They may well feel a little wet, but they will soon dry off completely.

To help a healthy person out of a bath, you should remove their shoes. If you have to go in after them and you feel any degree of discomfort, you should give them a massage with your hands.

For the elderly person who has a weak heart, giving them a massage with a pad under their neck will make it more comfortable. It is important that they are given a break from their bath.

If you have found yourself in the position of needing to help an elderly person out of a bath tub, take some precautions before you attempt to do so. If you have previously done this, you will know that it is a difficult job, but one that you will enjoy.